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Eloy Casagrande confirmed as the new Slipknot drummer

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Eloy Casagrande confirmed as the new Slipknot drummer

Slipknot’s long-awaited announcement confirming Eloy Casagrande as their new drummer has finally hit the airwaves, validating what many fervent fans had speculated for months.

Even before the band took to the stage last Thursday at an intimate California prelude to their upcoming Sick New World festival appearance, the news of Casagrande’s joining felt like an open secret within the heavy metal community. It seemed Slipknot wasn’t exactly endeavoring to keep a tight lid on this revelation.

In a recent Instagram post, Slipknot tagged the profiles of eight out of nine of their current members, notably including former Sepultura drummer Casagrande, thus cementing his role within the ensemble.

In the wake of their departure from Jay Weinberg last November, SLIPKNOT tantalized fans with a glimpse into their future, dropping a breadcrumb of anticipation nearly two months ago. A cryptic photo of a solitary broken drumstick emerged online, accompanied by the enigmatic caption “Rehearsal.”

The band elaborated on Weinberg’s exit, framing it as a creative pivot rather than a mere personnel change. Weinberg, in turn, expressed his profound disappointment, revealing that he felt “heartbroken and blindsided” by the decision.

Since parting ways with SLIPKNOT, Weinberg has found new rhythmic homes with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and INFECTIOUS GROOVES, showcasing his versatile talent across different sonic landscapes.

Meanwhile, the drumming world was rocked by Eloy Casagrande’s abrupt departure from SEPULTURA three months prior, just as the band was gearing up for their monumental 40th-anniversary farewell tour.

In a statement, SEPULTURA disclosed the unexpected turn of events, citing Casagrande’s decision to pursue opportunities in another musical endeavor. The timing, just days before the tour’s commencement, left fans and colleagues alike reeling from the unexpected shift in the band’s dynamic.

However, amidst this unveiling, a veil of mystery still shrouds one member’s identity: the successor to Craig Jones. The quest to uncover this enigma has led fans on a speculative odyssey, with recent clues pointing towards a certain “Jeff” discovered within files on the Slipknot-affiliated website, alongside Casagrande’s name. As the intrigue deepens, Slipknot aficionados worldwide eagerly anticipate the resolution of this lingering mystery.

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