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Interview: Betraying The Martyrs

RenataLino 09/05/2017 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: Betraying The Martyrs
Interview: Betraying The Martyrs

Interview by Renata Lino.

TBP: Hi! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! Let’s start with the new album. How do you feel about the final product that the fans can listen now?

This certainly is our most heavy and epic release yet, we opened it all up to let all the instruments breathe individually instead if cluttering everything together, and we feel this is our best work yet.

TBP: Who suggested Justin Hill for the production? Which of the albums he’s produced is your favorite?

We were really impressed by the way the Heart Of A Coward CD sounded, I can say that it was this album that mostly steered us towards Justin.

TBP: In the video for “The Great Disillusion”, the shattering of the mirrors is just out of frustration for “being so blind” or does it stand for a new beginning, as the “blind man” they once reflected is no more?

This song has multiple meanings, but the main theme of the video is looking back on the man you once were and seeing the sufferance from the brighter side.

Betraying The Martyrs Aaron

TBP: When it comes to a definition of your sonority, on your Facebook page you don’t stick to one label, letting the listener choose what to call you. Still, when asked “what kind of music do you play?”. Which adjectives would you use to describe Betraying The Martyrs to someone who has never heard you before?

I guess I agree with the whole band, I don’t really mind what people describe us as, they can call us whatever they want as long as they’re enjoying what we do! But, there’s no denying that the use of words like, deathcore, metalcore and symphonic describe our music pretty well so I just roll with it.

TBP: Boris Le Gal has been playing live with you for about three years. But only last year he was announced as a permanent drummer. Do you still remember when/how he entered the BTM family in the first place?

With all the troubles that we had with Mark and his visa, etc… we had to find a good replacement, Boris replaced Mark for a couple of years and when it came time to sadly say goodbye to Mark, Boris was the perfect fit, he’s an amazing drummer and a nice guy so it came naturally.

TBP: And since we’re talking about playing live, could you share with us one of your best and one of your worst moments on stage?

Best for me, was probably at the Brixton academy in London with AA, or in Chicago with Slipknot, huge breathtaking moments for me. As for the worst, it has to be “South by so what?” festival in 2013. Everything that could go wrong… went wrong. We only played two songs, such a nightmare still to this day.

TBP: Which band/artist inspired you to become a musician and have your own band? How old were you when you first started to write your own music?

I guess I was 16 when I started to actually write music and lyrics. The band that made me love the heavy music so much was Slipknot, no doubt about it.

TBP: On a little more contemporary and wishful thinking, consider this hypothesis: Which band would you like to go on tour when promoting a new album, and what do you admire the most in that band, making you choose them?

I’d love to tour with Eminem personally, he’s inspired me so much, more than any other artist for sure! Although the audience wouldn’t be very impressed I imagine!

TBP: To wrap this up on a lighter note – you’ve probably answered this question more than once before, but you’ve made a lot of new fans in Vagos Metal Fest, in Portugal. So, for them, I hope you don’t mind answering again: how did the cover of “Let It Go” come up? Do you think Betraying The Martyrs will do something like that again one day?

Haha, it was an idea from our label that snowballed and turned into the beast that it is today! We’re not in a rush to do anything similar again, but we never like to say never 😉

TBP: Thank you very much for your words!

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Betraying The Martyrs

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