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Report: Dynazty + Sirenia + Surma + Holy Mother @ Hellraiser, Leipzig

João Osório 15/05/2022 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Dynazty + Sirenia + Surma + Holy Mother @ Hellraiser, Leipzig
Report: Dynazty + Sirenia + Surma + Holy Mother @ Hellraiser, Leipzig

On the 9th of April, Hellraiser in Leipzig hosted a concert with 4 bands who were promoting their latest albums (although they have a little time). Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and with all the venues closed the bands couldn’t do it properly when their works were released.

The first band that played was Holy Mother, a North American heavy/power metal band that joined the other three European bands on tour. Perhaps because the public didn’t know them very well, the venue was a little bare of people. But those who arrived in the middle of the show or even at the end ended up missing an excellent concert, full of energy. The highlight was the Holy Diver cover song in which the audience joined in the chorus. Let’s hope that they can return to Europe soon.

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Then Surma, the band of Viktorie Surmøvá and Heri Joensen (TÝR), took the stage. The band was promoting their first and only album, to date, from 2020. And so, songs like Rendition, Revel the Light Within, Like the River Flows, Emptiness, Fire and Wind, Downfall, Until it Rains Again, ending with Deconstruction, the last track on the album, echoed at the venue. The atmosphere was relaxed and the singer’s friendliness was contagious. Very good performance.

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The third band to take the stage was Sirenia, a band that needs no introduction, with more than twenty years of career. “Riddles, Ruins and Revelations” was released in 2021 and they are only now touring to promote it. Many of the songs presented were from this last album, although they played others from the other 2 previous albums. They were always interspersing new ones with older ones. The concert began with Addiction No. 1, the first song from their last album, and then the return to an old album with Dim Days of Dolor. Towards an Early Grave, Treasure n’ Treason, Into the Night, This Curse of Mine, In Styx Embrace, Into the Night, The Path to Decay (among others) and to finish, the cover Voyage Voyage, an original from Desireless. And what better way to end the concert than to have everyone singing along to this 80s hit? A very good and enjoyable concert.

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The last band performing was Dynazty, a Swedish hard rock/melodic heavy metal band. Judging from the public’s reaction it seems that this was the most expected band. This year they will release a new album in August and played some new songs as well as some of their older hits. After an intro, they started with In the Arms of a Devil. Firesign, The Grey, The Black, and Paradise of the Architect followed. Advent was the first new song. A drum solo followed before the other two new songs presented: Power of Will and Yours. The audience enthusiastically approved the three new songs were approved. Getting near the end the songs Waterfall, Presence of Mine, Raise Your Hands, The Human Paradox were played to a cheering audience.

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Overall, it was a very pleasant night with four brilliant bands that did their best with sympathy and professionalism.

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