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Vladimir Cinkovic 15/02/2021 Comments Off on EXIMPERITUS – Šahrartu

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Hailing from Belarus, technical death metal masters Eximperitus have recorded two demos, a debut album, an EP, and a compilation. Back in 2019, they released a single “Tahâdu”, which is a song taken from this record. Now they are back with their brutal and crushing death metal sound once again. In this new album, there is a very intense atmosphere within, fused with a clean uncompromising death metal sound, that every death metal fan will enjoy.

Personally, this record has its intriguing moments with the dark melodic approach in some parts of some songs – making it diverse with the melodic part of it. This presents the best aspect of the record – adding this dark tone to the whole brutality spectrum, making this record a death metal abominator. The technical side is just flawless, as it is supposed to be – since this is a technical death metal record. Everything is about precise balanced riffs and sounds, that can be heard all of the time, throughout the album.

My personal favourite is “Inqirad”, a 10-minute song of intense brutality – wrapped in this death metal vortex of chaos that has so much crushing slam riffs with a dark atmospheric vibe to it. It is the most sinister song on the record. Very complex and very well arranged – of course with flawless production that added so much structure to this iconic death metal power. The serious guitar-shredding will spin your mind to eternity and back.

The second one that I really enjoyed and probably the fans of this genre will love it too is “Tahâdu”. It’s a fast and furious death metal crusher, that has some influences of Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus combined – the band surely did an amazing job incorporating these inspirations into this song. From the beginning till the end, this is a vicious, aggressive and catchy song that will catch you off guard. The use of some guitar shredding at the end pumps the blood of the listener, hard. The vocals are furious and they remind me of the vocal style of vocalist Jon Gallagher from Dying Fetus, an approach that is adapted to the song perfectly.

I can say that the drum work stayed in the back of the mind. The technique and coordination make this record an outstanding death metal piece. Besides the guitar parts, the drum parts are so good – very well fused with the vocals and the riffs. That is the point of a great death metal record: to have a drummer that plays like he is not of this world– that will give the fuel to the death metal madness.
Riffs are of course wicked and sinister in a good way, presenting a modern technical death metal essence – that shows the full potential of this record in the best possible way.

Highly recommended for all of the fans of Nile, Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse, they will love it.


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