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Romuvos – Spirits (review)

João Osório 29/04/2024 Comments Off on Romuvos – Spirits (review)
Romuvos – Spirits (review)

Romuvos is a band from Lithuania, but currently is based in Berlin, Germany. It started as a one-man folk metal project, but after founder Velnias moved to Germany, in 2019 several other elements joined this project to play the songs from their first two albums live. In 2020, now as a full band, they released the album “The Baltic Crusade” and 4 years later, they released the fourth album of originals “Spirits” in February this year.

This album (Spirits) is more than a music album. It’s a discovery journey. Imagine someone leaving their tribe and going on a quest in search of themselves. A quest in communion with nature, and the sonic landscape presented here takes us to follow this someone who left their tribe and gained wisdom, values and the feeling of brotherhood (given by the choirs) along the way. The entire structure of the album evokes a past in which Man lived with and respected Nature.

In musical terms, imagine Wardruna and Heilung having a child and mix it with the metal musical genre. The atmospheres created by acoustic instruments such as Nyckelharpa, Bagpipes, Flute, Mouth harp, played expertly by Mr Bendor while supported by masterful choirs, create epic and ethereal environments, interspersed with strong tribal percussionwork. Mid-tempo acoustic compositions that tend to evolve and gallop with heavy metal guitars keep the listener hooked and interested in the dynamics of the journey that the band provides to the listener.

In terms of production, this is massive, all the instruments are clear and all pushed forward so that the listener has the full perception of the environment the band intends to convey. Without a doubt, this is one of the best folk/pagan metal albums to come out in recent years and the band’s best to date.


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