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Wave Gotik Treffen 2024: Bands and other news!

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Wave Gotik Treffen 2024: Bands and other news!

The 31st Wave-Gotik Meeting in Leipzig is set to transpire from May 17th to May 20th, 2024. This renowned event, held during the Pentecost weekend, offers a diverse array of activities including concerts, readings, lectures, films, classical performances, sightseeing, and parties throughout the city, traditionally draped in black attire. Expecting around 20,000 attendees, it serves as a global “family reunion” for the black scene community.

As Europe’s premier music festival, celebrating its 31st anniversary, the Wave-Gotik-Treffen boasts over 150 bands performing across 20 stages in Leipzig’s clubs, bars, and churches. The event embraces the full spectrum of black music, from synthpop to goth metal, creating an immersive experience that extends beyond music to include medieval markets, pagan villages, readings, art exhibitions, and theater performances. Additionally, a sprawling Gothic department store, scene DJs, fetish parties, and a free campsite at the former Agra agricultural fairgrounds await attendees.

Above all, the Wave-Gotik-Treffen is renowned for its inclusive and jubilant atmosphere, attracting gothic enthusiasts worldwide to revel in camaraderie and envelop Leipzig in a vibrant black ambiance. With the promise of special events and artists in honor of its 31st anniversary, this unique festival beckons all to mark their calendars for May 17th to May 20th, 2024.

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:: BANDS ::

Currently there are 139 artists confirmed.

12 Illusions (D)
Abu Nein (S)
Agent Side Grinder (S)
Agnis (PL)
Agonoize (D)
Almara (D)
Amduscia (MEX)
Andi Sex Gang (GB) solo
Angels & Agony (NL)
Anneke Van Giersbergen (NL) Heavy Strings
Artwork/Belladonna (D)
Ashbury Heights (S)
Aska (IS)
Ausgang (GB)
Automelodi (CDN)
Backworld (USA)
Banane Metalik (F)
Barnacle Boi (USA)
Basscalate (D)
Batboner (N)
Blackbook (CH)
Blitzkid (USA)
Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space (A)
Bon Harris (GB) “Songs from the lemon tree”
Brothel (USA)
Christian Death (USA)
Circuit Preacher (USA) exclusive european premiere
Clout Blued (D)
Cumulo Nimbus (D)
Dalriada (H)
Dancing Plague (USA)
Dead Astronauts (USA) european premiere
Death Loves Veronica (USA) Europapremiere
Deloraine (CZ)
Derniere Volonte (F)
Die Kammer (A/D)
Dive (B)
Dorsetshire (D) Farewell-Show
Echoberyl (F)
Eihwar (F)
Enemy Inside (D)
Esplendor Geometrico (E)
Extize (D/F)
Fixmer & McCarthy (F/GB)
Flawless Issues (D)
Gast (D)
Gossenpoeten (D)
Gothminister (N)
Haunt Me (USA) european premiere
In Strict Confidence (D)
Irdorath (BY)
Keep Of Kalessin (N)
Klez.e (D)
Klutae (DK)
Knight$ (GB)
Kollaps (AUS)
Kontravoid (CDN)
Lament (D)
Lisieux (F)
Maerzfeld (D)
Martial Canterel (USA)
Martin Dupont (F)
Maschinenkrieger KR 52 (D)
Massiv In Mensch (D)
Megaherz (D)
Mia Morgan (D)
Mila Mar (D)
Miranda Sex Garden (GB)
Model Collapse (D) Livepremiere
MorphiuM (E)
Mr. Irish Bastard (D)
Neila Invo (I)
Night Club (USA)
Nils Keppel (D)
Nitzer Ebb(GB)
Nürnberg (BY)
Omnimar (RUS)
Orphx (CDN)
Ostara (AUS)
Other Day (D)
Plantec (F)
Plastikstrom (D)
Position Parallele (F)
Primordial (IRL)
Principe Valiente (S)
Psyclon Nine (USA)
Public Memory (USA)
Reaper (D) exclusive band-reunionshow
Rendez-Vous (F)
Rosa Anschütz (D)
Rose Of Avalanche (GB)
Rroyce (D)
Safi (D)
Saint City Orchestra (CH)
Schattenmann (D)
Schwarzer Engel (D)
SDH (Semoitics Department of Heteronyms) (E)
Sex Gang Children (GB)
Sextile (USA)
She Hates Emotions (D)
Sidewalks and Skeletons (GB)
Sierra (F)
Sirenia (N)
Skeler (AUS)
Social Station (USA)
Soviet Soviet (I)
Sowulo (NL)
Spiritual Front (I)
Statiqbloom (USA)
Stoneman (CH)
Suono (D)
Tanzwut (D)
The Beauty Of Gemina (CH)
The Bellwether Syndicate (USA)
The Cassandra Complex (GB)
The Cemetary Girlz (F)
The Foreign Resort (DK)
The Secret French Postcards (S) Livepremiere
Theatre Of Hate (GB)
This Morn Omina (B)
Tiamat (S) Clouds & Wildhoney-Set
Topographies (USA)
Tourdeforce (I)
Tragic Black (USA)
Traumatin (D)
Twin Noir (D)
Twins In Fear (UA/CH)
Two Witches (FIN)
Umbra Et Imago (D) reunionshow/european premiere
Vanaheim (NL)
Vanguard (D)
Veljanov (D)
Walt Disco (GB)
X-RX (D)
Xeno & Oaklander (USA)
Zombeast (USA)
Zombiesuckers (S)
Zweite Jugend (D)

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