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Report: Madrid Invasion Fest @ Madrid

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Report: Madrid Invasion Fest @ Madrid

Black Matter Productions organized a two-day festival called Madrid Invasion Fest. Here is our photo report of the event!

Day #1

The first band to take the stage was Painstorm, a death metal act playing “at home” as they’re from Madrid. Opening is never easy, but Painstorm showed that they mean business and someone has to be the first, but their concert was killer and received good feedback by the audience.

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Soon after came Infected Plague, another strong death metal band also from Madrid, presenting their debut album “Horrors of a Terminal Earth”. A smashing concert by this quartet who didn’t hold any punches and gave all they had on stage.

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Madsher was the third and last band to perform on the first day of this festival. Bringing with them fervorous old-school thrash metal, filled with great riffs, high-pitched vocals, neck-breaking rhythms, and insane solos.

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Day #2

The crazy Invocation Spells opened on the second day. Featuring a fast and furious mix of black and thrash metal that didn’t leave anyone still. The band featured the drummer of Dekapited.

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Svpremacist, an Israeli band played next, promoting their latest album “Meaningless Death”. Definitely a highlight of the festival, and the crowd expressed exactly that.

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Eternal Evil came all the way from Sweden to spread their fast and filthy black/thrash metal. With an amazing energy and a loud set, it was impossible not to headband to the thrilling riffs of the songs extracted from the band’s 2021 debut album “The Warriors Awakening… Brings the Unholy Slaughter!”. What a moshpit! With a new deal signed with Listenable Records, let’s see what the band is cooking for the future.

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Last but not least, Dekapited took all the speed of the previous bands and raised it even faster! This Chilean band’s concert was a massacre of razor-sharp riffs, unmerciful drum beats, and a vocalist very inspired by Max Cavalera in the Morbid Visions era. “Destrucción trascendental” is the new studio proposal and you should definitely check it out!

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Unfortunately, the Mexican band In Obscurity Revealed had to cancel their performance at the Madrid Invasion fest due to airline problems.

Special thanks to Black Matter Productions!

Photos: Miguel Galindo



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