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Interview: CAPE TORMENT – Crossing the storm

Filipe Gomes 16/07/2017 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: CAPE TORMENT – Crossing the storm
Interview: CAPE TORMENT – Crossing the storm

We had a nice chat with Portuguese Oldschool Death Metal band Cape Torment.

TBP – Hi how are you? Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. For those who don’t know you yet, can you brief us about the people who are part of Cape Torment?

CT – Hi. First, thank you for your interest! The band consists of longtime friends who grew up together during the boom of metal, in the late eighties! Being all different people, with different tastes, the matrix of metal is what unites us. Since the nineties we all played in well-known bands of the national underground scene, from Death, through Thrash, Progressive, etc.

TBP – How did the band start? What was the motive that led to the genesis of the group and what is its purpose?

CT  The band began with the willingness and the friendship spirit of three friends that wanted to play something they liked, a specific sound different from the current metal. Taking a step back in time, they chose to embrace the sound of old school death metal! To complete the line-up, the goal was to find some friends who lived the same era and shared the same desire to embrace the project.

TBP – Cape Torment has been crawling up from the underground and gaining notoriety over the past few years, specially last year when you released your debut record: the EP “Cape Torment”. Could you tell us a bit about the whole process, regarding composing, recording and finally releasing it to the public?

CT – The creation process was very good. The lack of ideas was never a problem! We all worked the best we could to create the songs! And after a lot of practice, soon came the first gigs, which were very well received by the media and public in general. A lot of people started to ask for a Cape release and naturally the next step was to record some songs. So when the producer Carlos Barbosa invited us to record an EP at his Sonic Studio we accepted it without thinking twice! After we’ve done it, besides the physical copies we made, we put it for free on the internet, as we had always idealized!

cape torment ep

TBP – Lyric-wise, the name of the band makes us go back to the History books, specifically the XV century, when the Portuguese sailors were discovering new territories overseas. Will this always be your primary inspiration or do you plan to explore other concepts in the next records?

CT – Yes, initially that was the concept of the band! But the name also reflects a lot of what we think and live today! The difficulties and daily struggles to go through the storms! In principle, we will always talk about the achievements of the Portuguese! On our debut EP we talked about the navigators. For the next release, we’ll see what happens. Our history is so rich! Portugal is one of the oldest countries, with a story nearly a thousand years old!

TBP – How is the people’s feedback so far? Did it reach your expectations? We believe the first edition is sold out, correct?

CT – In fact the first and second editions are sold out! Everyone seemed to be stunned by it. The media, fans, friends and people in general loved our work! There isn’t a single negative review so far, which is amazing! We sold CDs worldwide and the layout was considered the cover of the month in the far east Indonesia! All that positive feedback from everyone was amazing and we just feel grateful for that! It inspired us and gave us the strength to do more and better!

TBP – How do you see the Death Metal scene, these days? Do you feel it’s overcrowded?

CT – There is room for everyone! While I am answering to your interview, probably ten or twenty new bands were born! And we’ll be there to appreciate all of them! We all are middle aged guys and we lived through the development of Metal, the so-called golden age! We saw the emergence of new subgenres, all the ramifications, fusions, everything! And the truth is, despite that we still find out bands trying to do new things, while others are merely copycats of others! As in life, not everything is good. There also less good too! But one of the good things is that there are bands for all tastes!

TBP – Which bands from your country would you recommend?

CT – There are so many Portuguese bands, hard workers, with great will, technique, playing so different styles, which is really good! Some are over their thirties and still release good albums of excellent music!
I recommend some that I really appreciate listening, not only from metal: Tarantula, Mão Morta, Thormethor, Shrine, Web, Grog, Pitchblack, Bizarra Locomotiva, Framepictures, Assassinner, Ramp, Genocide, Bleeding Display, Sacred Sin, Moonspell, Anger, Haus in Factor, WC noise, Head: Stoned and so on…

TBP – What are your plans for the future, right now?

CT- We are currently working on new stuff for our debut album! We already have a few new songs that we will play live this year! The plan is to enter the studio when we finish ten! Probably in the end of this year on early next year.

TBP – Any last words for our readers?

CT – Support Metal, the bands, the musicians, the promoters, everyone! Without all these people, it will be worthless working and playing! We play what we like not only And we are grateful for the efforts of the “step-parents” who helped and disclosed the underground scene!
Thank you all very much!

About Cape Torment:

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