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Interview: SATYRICON

Rita Limede 27/11/2017 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: SATYRICON
Interview: SATYRICON

We here at The Black Planet had the opportunity to interview the iconic black metal band Satyricon about their new full lenght release, “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”. This was the result.

You are back with a new album 4 years after the release of your self-title record. What has changed since?

Quite a lot. Satyricon never stagnates; we are always in motion. Deep calleth upon Deep shows a Satyricon that is more vital, diverse and magical than earlier, and I firmly believe it speaks of evolution happening on a grand scale.

Sound-wise, it has a more progressive and obscure vibe than its predecessor, as well as a more melodic and less raw approach to black metal when compared to your earlier works. Where did you draw the inspiration for it?

We are first and foremost inspired by having established Satyricon as a channel for expressing our very own art and as a force in the black metal genre. Nothing can be more inspiring or motivating than feeling that you have a great opportunity to create something unique.

Do you think this slight of change on your sound in this record will be welcomed by your audience/fans?

It seems like the album has gotten an absolutely fantastic reception. It sounds like it has to sound regardless.

Regarding the new album “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” cover artwork, what is the reason behind the choice of “The Kiss of Death” from Edvard Munch?

As Satyr got to see that Edvard Munch drawing earlier this year, he simply realised that he was looking at the cover for Deep calleth upon Deep. It connected so well with the music of the album it was downright weird. Such a raw, naked and direct expression that at the same time is incredibly loaded and spiritful. And then there is the dark theme of the picture. It couldn’t possibly fit any better.

How does this artwork reflect on your music?

The music for the album was made by the time the cover artwork was chosen, but they truly seem to be made for each other. The sense of movement in the picture is a great parallel to the dynamic and vital music on the album, the dark and twisted atmosphere is an important element in both artwork and music; likewise with the tension between life and death and the raw and naked but also very intriguing expression.

Let’s talk about the lyrics. What are the main lyrical themes explored in this record?

Existential themes are reoccurring, but really the lyrics are as varied as the songs themselves.

How does your songwriting process works? Has it changed over the years?

We make songs in a much more open and dynamic way than we did in an earlier stage; we jam a lot more and do more demo recordings.

Considering that your album release show will be streamed live, what is your opinion about the impact that the numerous social media platforms have on bands regarding promotion and audience reach?

I don’t really have an opinion on a development that is anyway going on and bound to have increased importance in the future. There are pro’s and con’s with everything; one better try to do correct observations and try to make development work for you rather than against you (if possible). There might have been many horse-and-wagon enthusiasts that did fight the coming of the automotive car back in the days, but obviously they couldn’t stop natural development from happening. It is no different with the social media gaining ground now; we must simply observe that it is happening and take it into consideration. No reason to have strong opinions about it.

Do you think that in the future live streaming will influence the way people “feel” the music and their attendance to live shows/festivals?

Very possible. But one must remember that sometimes there is reaction and not only action taking place; people might at some point react negatively to losing the physical connection with the musical experiences and want to get back to the more vivid, happening and exciting.

Any final words to our readers?

See you out on the road.

About Satyricon:

Webpage | Facebook | Bandcamp

Interview by: Rita Limede and Sandra Nunes

Managing Editor: Rita Limede

Special thanks to: Satyricon and Petting Zoo Propaganda

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