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Report: Destruction + Legion of the Damned + Suicidal Angels + Final Breath @ Felsenkeller, Leipzig

João Osório 01/03/2020 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Destruction + Legion of the Damned + Suicidal Angels + Final Breath @ Felsenkeller, Leipzig
Report: Destruction + Legion of the Damned + Suicidal Angels + Final Breath @ Felsenkeller, Leipzig

The day after Napalm Death played in Leipzig and the same day that Lindemann (with Peter Tägtgren and Till Lindemann) were also playing in town, the Thrash Alliance 2020 took place in Felsenkeller. The metal community was divided but those who were in the venue were the true enthusiasts of good old thrash metal.

The first band to take the stage was Final Breath, a German death/thrash metal band. In 2018 they released their fourth album “Of Death and Sin”, 14 years after the previous one. Still promoting this album, it was expected that most of the songs played were from “Of Death and Sin”. “Babylon C. E.”, “Yearning for Next Murder”, “…When Finally Mighty Kings Fall”, “Immemorial Disease”, “Illega-lie-sating”, “Agonized, Zombiefied, Necrotized” were all featured in the band’s short set. In the middle, they played “Eyes of Horror” and as well as the title track of their third album “Let Me Be Your Tank”. Overall it was a very good concert, with a lot of energy and at the same time a very good mood, particularly Thomas Wissel who turned out to be a very good-humoured person. Sound and lights were killer.

The second band taking the stage was Suicidal Angels, a Greek band that has a legion of fans all over Europe and Germany is no exception. Judging by the reaction and the patches seen in battle vests and jackets, a lot of people were there to see these thrashers. Also as expected, part of the setlist was focused in the album “Years of Aggression”, released last August. “Endless War”, “Years of Aggression”, “Bloody Ground” and “Born of Hate” were mixed with older songs like “Capital of War”, “Eternally to Suffer”, “Front Gate” and “Apokathilosis”, and the result was a very well balanced yet very fast set in which time passed quickly. It’s one of those gigs where you have so much fun that time flies. Closing the show, there was time for the classic “Bloodbath” which was entitled to a circle pit by those who were in the front rows. Great performance by Suicidal Angels.

The following band was Legion of The Damned, a thrash/death metal band from the Netherlands which dragged a lot of fans in Leipzig. The venue was already extremely packed as they started playing and they were highly expected. The audience immediately reacted to the first notes of the oldies “Slaughtering the Pigs” and “Doom Priest”. Things heated up very quickly and it was on the third that they picked their latest album “Slaves of the Shadow Realm” in the shape of “Palace of Sin”. Merging new songs with older ones seemed like a successful formula so the fans were presented with “Undead Stillborn”, “Taste of the Whip”, “Slaves of the Southern Cross”, “Feel the Blade” and “The Widows Breed”. The band managed to thrill the audience who let itself go and enjoy the show. They ended with “Legion of the Damned” and “Dark Coronation”.

At last, the headlining band of the night needed no introduction: Destruction, one of the pillars of German thrash metal. Schmier, Mike and their fellows are authentic killing machines. Their choice of the setlist was luxurious and covered some of the thrash metal glories that Destruction brought to the world. They started with “Born to Perish” and by the second song chaos ensued, with the crowd chanting “Nailed to the Cross”! Before the old “Tormentor” Mike had problems with his guitar, had to stop playing and the band waited for the cable change. A minor detail that didn’t affect Destruction’s performance at all. “Mad Butcher” made sure that the mosh didn’t stop. The classic and one of the band’s best songs “Thrash Till Death” was definitely a highlight! “Betrayal” and “Inspired by Death” brought everyone back to 2019, where Randy Black’s chops and fills could be enjoyed the most. “Death Trap” and “Bestial Invasion” didn’t allow the audience to stop headbanging. This was for sure a memorable night of good old and furious thrash metal. For the encore, “The Butcher Strikes Back”, “Thrash Attack” and “Curse the Gods” was the cherry on top of the cake.

A word to the promoter Nekromant Events Leipzig. The organization was great, the sound was generally good and the concerts were punctual.

Text & Photos: João Osório
Managing editor: Filipe Gomes

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