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OCCASUM – “Evocation Of Death”

Uta Arnold 22/05/2020 Comments Off on OCCASUM – “Evocation Of Death”
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In these nasty times of Covid-19 artists must be creative regarding how to advertise their music to the metal fans, especially if it is a new project that doesn’t have a label yet. Luckily, Bandcamp offers the possibility to pay exactly the price you want for a certain online download. None other than Naglfar’s guitarist Andreas Nilsson has done so with his new EP “Evocation Of Death”, introducing his new band OCCASUM. This band roughly follows the tradition of his main band, Naglfar, featuring an even more intense attitude towards death metal. Of course, you cannot judge the Occasum mastermind for this, as he’s the main songwriter and texter in Naglfar as well. Therefore, Occasum just needs to have his certain unique touch that only Andreas can create.

On “Evocation Of Death” you will find highly catchy song structures with awesome, captivating melody lines within massive guitar walls. Well, yes, the sound quality might not be unassailably good, as everything on the record is self-made, including programming the drums with “Superior drummer 3”.
This EP contains 3 tracks of blackened death metal that will allure you with a carefully considered built-up that has the right balance between misanthropic lyrics, chasing guitar works, unexpected gimmicks and solid death metal sound in the background.

You can’t go wrong with this one.
So give it a try.
You won’t regret it.


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Review by Uta Arnold
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