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Kasper Pasinski 28/01/2019 Comments Off on SEVENTH GENOCIDE – SVNTH
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Seventh Genocide is an atmospheric black metal band from Italy. Their latest full length, “Toward Akina”, had a quite good acceptance from the audience and they recently returned with the EP called “SVNTH” released via Third-I-Rex label.

This 4 piece record starts with ‘Through Woods and Fire’ a song that can be described as balancing on the verge of shoegaze and black metal. It includes a slow paced introduction built on top of nice clean guitar riff, which quickly evolves into fast rhythm with harsh vocals and distorted guitars. The pace and mood changes several times providing small sections of clear melancholic guitar and no distorted sounds to rapidly get back into impulsive drumming with fast guitars.

The second track – ‘Clouds of Desolation’ – starts much faster with no warm up time, with the song opening with fast guitar riffs and growling. In contrast to the previous track, the pace slows down to present an interlude with clean guitars on the top of the ambient sounds. Consistent with the previous song, here the pace is also changing several times showing that the band is trying to balance melancholic and heavy sections.

The record closes with ‘Martial Eyes’, a composition that lasts for over ten minutes and despite its length is the most interesting one of the whole record. A track that has a slow start and keep building the atmosphere by adding different elements layers. After a nice and gentle introduction you can find some heavy metal riffs that add a bit of spice to the record. The guitars are very nicely exposed and complete the whole composition with the perfect highlight over the drums and ambient sounds.

In overall, Seventh Genocide new album ‘SVNTH’ is a nice piece of melancholic combination of shoegaze black metal with elements of post rock. This 30 minutes of music proved that ‘Toward Akina” album was not the only strong element in which the band builds their position on the post black metal scene.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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