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Report: Sollust + Congruity @ Associação Neverlate

Lara Brito 22/02/2022 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Sollust + Congruity @ Associação Neverlate
Report: Sollust + Congruity @ Associação Neverlate

Not even the cold of the mountains that is felt in Covilhã (Portugal) stopped the metalheads from getting together at Neverlate for another concert. After almost two years without playing, on the 20th of November, the Portuguese bands Sollust and Congruity got together to bring another night of heavy metal to town.

The evening began with Sollust, an alternative progressive metal band from the north of Portugal. There were still people coming in but the eagerness was already great, it was the second concert taking place post-covid in the city of Covilhã, and for some, it was the first to attend, after the pandemic that attacked us. And what a good way to start the night! The cold that was felt quickly disappeared, Sollust undoubtedly warmed those who were present, with the strong beats of drums and the strong voice of his vocalist.

The night ended with Congruity, a black/death metal band from Abrantes (Portugal). The shyness that was felt at the beginning was lost and gave way to the usual mosh pit, the emotion was huge the public wanted more and more. Felt like the old times.

It was a night of great energy and nostalgia, let’s hope there will be more nights like this one!

Photos & Text: Lara Brito

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