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MILS – We Fight / We Love

Kasper Pasinski 30/11/2018 No Comments on MILS – We Fight / We Love

Mils is a French band from Montpellier, that presented a mixture of rock, new wave and industrial with small hints of few other genres. Their latest record ‘We Fight I We Love’ was released on the 17th of May, 2017 in cooperation with the Doowet Agency.

The record starts with ‘Come Home’, an easy to listen, ear catching song built on simple electronic beats with small additions of guitars in the chorus part. ‘Come home’ is like a radio rock song with shoegaze sounds in its last part. The song is definitely a solid start for this record.

Next on the tracklist is ‘Body’, presenting a slight change in the guest vocal provided by Duja from the Suisse electro metal band MXD. The song is kept on a slow metal ballad pace. Here, vocals are mainly composed by Duja’s low voice (sometimes reminding Sisters Of Mercy), but they also include a duet with the band vocalist Melodie.

‘Escape’ is another song build on electronic beats, but this time the presence of the other instruments is much more in place. The drums and guitars create additional layers on top of the repeated riff that can be heard throughout the track together with the sharp, screamed out vocals. In a positive way, this song reminds a fast and catchy song by Nine Inch Nails. Definitely the best creation on ‘We Fight I We Love’.

The album closes with the ‘Casus Beli’ – a POP-ish song, showcasing the perfect vocal skills of Melodie. The song builds up slowly, adding up piece by piece, with different sounds added one after another. The vocals in the verse part are intoned like in a protest song, becoming almost operatic in the chorus parts. Another solid piece of work present in this album.

To sum up, ‘We Fight I We Love’ is a solid piece of electronic/industrial music with some pop-like songs. The production and sound are very well planned, making the whole record sound like a complete work. On top of that, we can listen to Melodie’s amazing voice. ‘We Fight I We Love’ is a good, positive record with a nice balance between pop and industrial tones.


About MILS:

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Review by Kasper Pasinski
Managing editor: Elsa Marques

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